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This information about Orbis Heaters was compiled by experts from Orbis Heater Reviews. More than 900 hours were spent on the subject. It was rated 4.9 out of 5 stars by customers. Orbis heaters are portable heaters that are both long-lasting and cost-effective.

There is a well-known Game of Thrones quote that reads, “Nothing burns so hot!” Winter is just around the corner, and it’s only a matter of time before the coldest months of the year arrive. It’s also possible to enjoy the season’s warmth and comfort during the winter months. Only if you’re up for the challenge of enduring the cold weather.

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Prepare for the cold weather by doing what you can. A space heater can help you get ready for the cold weather. There’s nothing quite like curling up with a cup of coffee and watching the snow fall from the comfort of your own home.

Depending on the heating system you choose, the cost of heating can be quite high. American heating costs are estimated to be more than $800 annually. This isn’t a shock. It’s all true! Given how much our electricity costs rise during the winter, this is not surprising.

If you’ve ever wondered how to save money and time on your heating bill, we’ve got the answer. We look forward to reading your feedback and learning about the latest technology developments.

Space heaters that use less electricity can help you save money on your utility bills. We looked into over twenty different types of space heaters before settling on the Orbis.

Reviews of the Orbis Heater will discuss its advantages, disadvantages, and features. Is there any truth to the Orbis Heater rumors? We’ll find out!

Do you know what the Orbis Heater is called?

You can keep the cold at bay this winter by using the Orbis Heater. The manufacturer of the Orbis Heater claims that the heater’s PTC Ceramic Technology will significantly reduce your energy costs.

The Orbis Portable Heater is a ceramic heater that heats rooms quickly and efficiently without consuming a lot of electricity. You can use this appliance in multiple rooms thanks to its portability and small size. It quickly warms up rooms and has a slew of security features.

In terms of portability and weight, the Orbis Heater is a standout. It’s small enough to fit in a purse or backpack. Small and large rooms can be warmed to 75 degrees in just a matter of minutes with this device.

This heater is manufactured in America. If you’re looking for a heater for your home, this is one of the best options out there. In comparison to traditional heating methods, Orbis Heater is safer and more cost-effective. The Orbis Heater is the best option if you’re looking for a heating solution

Orbis heater reviews claim that the heater’s PTC Ceramic Technology heats rooms quickly and safely. An Orbis heater review shows that you can still enjoy the warmth and comfort of a portable heater even when the weather is frigid outside.

The Orbis heater’s warm and comfortable heating system allows you to feel the warmth of your home. For example, it has overheat protection and tip-over safety sensors that automatically shut it down if there is a surge in electricity. We’ll be reviewing these features soon.

What is the product’s intended purpose? The Orbis Heater is a room heater for cold weather. Everyone can be affected by the cold weather. This heater can be used by anyone to keep warm and comfortable during the winter months. PTC Ceramic technology is used in this heater, which has a heat distribution system that is both efficient and effective. The Orbis Heater can help reduce utility costs.

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How Does Orbis Heater Work?

It is the ceramic heating element that heats up when you turn on the heat. The heat oscillator evenly distributes warm air throughout the room. With its heat distribution system and PTC Ceramic technology, it is able to adapt to any environment. In as little as 2-3 minutes, the heater can warm up your room.

For heating small areas, the Orbis Heater is an excellent choice. Even though it may not be the best choice for larger areas like a dining room or hall, it is excellent for heating smaller areas. Heaters can be used in private rooms, garages and office spaces.

There is no difficulty in installing the heater in the room. To get the most out of your Orbis Heater, read this guide!

The air is warmed by oscillators in the Orbis Heater. If you’re looking for a good option, this is it. Orbis Heater’s characteristics are as follows.

To begin with, the Orbis Heater distributes warm air in a uniform fashion. Due to its location, the Orbis Heater will not be able to cool a specific area of the room.

Immediate Heating The Orbis Heater heats quickly and effectively. Slowly, it will inhale and exhale warm air.

For example, Nano Filters Nano filters are also included in the Orbis Heater. These filters prevent the heater from being infested with bacteria and dust.

There is no odor. There is a distinct smell associated with most heaters. Mould can grow in the heater’s insides. Filters in the Orbis Heater ensure that no harmful particles are allowed to remain inside the appliance.

Countdown Timer ” The Orbis Heater has a built-in timer that can be used in four different modes. A variety of options are available.

The Orbis Heater’s Spectacular Features

Just some of the many reasons this heater is so popular.

When it comes to portable heaters, Orbis heater reviews lauded its lightweight and portability. It’s lightweight and portable, making it perfect for moving around. Despite its small size, it is very easy to move around.

In just a few minutes, it will be ready to eat. The Orbis Heater warms up quickly.. The Orbis Heater can heat a 350-square-foot room in ten minutes. Even if you’ve frozen to the ground, it doesn’t matter.

Timer function built in. This new feature gives you the freedom to be creative. You can set the timer to your desired level of comfort. You can alter the temperature to make it more bearable.

Using the built-in timer is both safe and convenient. Using a timer, the heater can be turned on or off at a specific time. You don’t have to worry about the heater going out while you’re at work or doing other things.

Anti-Microbial filter included. It’s not uncommon for heaters to emit noxious fumes when they’re in use. Mold or dust can grow in heaters, causing this problem. Then, the coils start to catch on fire. An antimicrobial filter is used by Orbis Heater to address this issue. Mold and dust are kept out of the device by using this filter. There will be no more offensive smells.

Inexpensive to Operate Many heating methods have seen their electric bills rise as a result. More efficient: The Orbis Heater uses less power. You’ll be able to save money on utility bills thanks to this heater’s energy efficiency.

Longevity. Because of its robust construction, this space heater will last for years. Safety features are also included in the heater to keep you and your loved ones safe. An overheat sensor and a tip-over safety filter are included. When the temperature reaches 122F, Orbis heaters have a built-in timer that lowers the temperature by 104F.

Temperatures above 122F will automatically shut off the heater. If the heater is turned upside down, it will not heat. The heater can be cooled by blowing 30 seconds of ambient air into it. Then you can shut it down.

Operation in a Quiet Environment Having the heater buzzing in your ear like a honeybee can be annoying. There is very little noise from the heaters made by Orbis. When the heater is turned on, you won’t hear a peep. You’ll be able to feel its heat.

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The Orbis Heater’s other notable features include

PTC ceramics are a specialty material.

Overheat & Tip-Over Protection

Family and child friendly for pets and children alike

Ecologically sound

Orbis Heater Package consists of

An understanding of how your online order will be handled is essential. Our interest in this subject has never waned. If you’re not happy with the product, you can return it to customer service.

Once you place an order for the Orbis Heater on the manufacturer’s website, you must know exactly what you’re getting.

There are many examples, but this is just one of them:

There is only one box here.

A single Orbis heater may be included in the package you select.

1 User’s Manual’s

There are many reasons why I should go with the Orbis heater.

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Simple ways to keep warm in winter are sought by many. Bills for heating systems account for a significant portion of the total. A heating system should not be considered a luxury. Without a heater, it’s nearly impossible to get through the winter. Heating devices are essential for everyone. It is preferable to purchase a product that provides numerous advantages rather than a less expensive one.

In our pros and cons section, we’ve listed the top reasons why you should buy this heater. As a small space heater, the Orbis Heater can be used. If you don’t have a fireplace or an oil-filled heater, this is the best option. It’s also less expensive. Inside the Orbis Heater is a ceramic plate that is heated and covered by a plastic body.

The Orbis heater is a fantastic option because of its impressive features. When it gets too cold or you forget to turn the heater back on, the timer function will automatically turn it off. The Orbis Heater quickly warms up any room. You can customize the timers and settings to meet your specific requirements to make it more efficient.

According to all of the Orbis heater reviews, this heater has an automatic feature that turns it off after six hours of use. It will not overheat.

Benefits Of Orbis Heater

These are just some of the reasons you should get an Orbis Heater.

  • Stay warm and cozy on cold days With the PTC Ceramic Technology, the Orbis Heater. It distributes hot air evenly in the room and blows it effortlessly. Ceramic heaters are well-known for their efficiency and safety in heating. This heater will keep you warm during winter.
  • Affordable This space heater is less expensive than other heating systems. The heater is affordable and provides warmth. It’s not a good idea to turn on your heater every day to avoid becoming poor overnight due to the loss of money on utility costs. Orbis Heater is a more efficient option and can be used in place. This heater can be used to heat your home and save money. The current discount is 50% off the original price.
  • Orbis Heater Simple to Use. Orbis Heater is a DIY technology. It is simple to set up and use. The heater can be placed on any flat surface that requires heat. Connect the heater to an electrical outlet to turn it on.
  • It’s Antimicrobial Orbis heater fights mould and dust growth within the device which can lead to foul odours. When heaters are in use, they can emit unpleasant odours. This is very common. This can sometimes be caused by mould and dust growing in the heaters. These then ignite the coils. Orbis Heater uses an antimicrobial filter to solve this problem. This filter is used to trap mould and dust within the device. You will no longer smell unpleasant odors
  • Durability This heater is built to last and has many safety features that will ensure your safety. It is possible to avoid any damage by taking care of it. Take care of your appliances.
  • Safer than other heaters This heater is safer than all other heaters. Convection heaters use uniform heating to maintain temperature. Because of their safety standards, ceramic heaters are safer than other types for small areas. If it is tipped, it will not catch on fire or cause any damage.
  • Cleans the Environment: Although it sounds strange, Alpha Heater is capable of cleaning the air from mould, bacteria, viruses and other small particles. It eliminates unpleasant odors. Many heating devices can contain pathogens, which can cause a terrible smell in the room. Orbis Heater has an antimicrobial filter that prevents pathogenic growth and cleans the air. This prevents unpleasant odors.

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How to Use the Orbis Heater

When your Orbis heater arrives at your home, you should not be too excited. Place your Orbis heater flat on a flat surface, such as a tabletop or nightstand. After you’ve found the right spot, plug your heater into a power socket. Turn the heater on by using the power switch.

There are three buttons on the top of this device. The buttons allow you to adjust the speed or set the timer. You should ensure that your device’s safety button is turned on. You might not be able to blow hot air out of the heater until the safety kill switch is activated.

Once you have set up the heater you will feel the warmth of it. The constant warmth oscillator of the room heater will give off heat air from all angles.

Who Should Use Orbis Heater?

Orbis heater reviews show that portable heaters are more affordable than traditional heaters. These heaters are ideal for people who live alone and with smaller families. Orbis Heater can heat small rooms, and can be used in homes, offices, dormitories, and cars. It has many safety and reliable features. The heater is extremely energy-efficient, which can help you reduce your electricity bill by as much as 30%.

Orbis heater comes pre-assembled, so you don’t have to worry about how to use it. Orbis Heater comes as a single unit and can be used straight out of the package. You can use it immediately after you receive it. Just take it out of its packaging and charge the charger. To regulate heat and air circulation, you can adjust heat settings.

It is safe and useful to use the timer function. The heater can be turned on or off at any time, so you don’t need to worry about it turning on while you are working, sleeping, or going out. The heater will turn off when you choose, so there are no safety hazards.

Orbis heaters use a lower amount of electricity than other heater brands and are therefore more affordable. Orbis heaters are as energy efficient as hair dryers, and they can be carried around easily. It can be easily moved to make winters warmer and more enjoyable.

Pros And Cons Of Orbis Heater


  • Compact and light weight
  • Modern, sleek design
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is available
  • Consumes less energy
  • In less than one minute, heat the room
  • Heat system with advanced features
  • Uses PTC ceramic heating element
  • Heating element that heats quickly, safely, and efficiently
  • Tip-over and overheating protection
  • Exclusive Discount: 60%
  • Very affordable
  • Shipping Fast


  • Selling out is a high-risk proposition
  • Online purchases can only be made through the official website of the manufacturer.
  • Shipping fees may apply

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Customers Reviews

These are customer opinions on the product’s function and company’s overall sales strategy. Grace Minneapolis, MN

“My desk is right next to a drafty window. Winter is very cold for me. I needed a heater that was small enough to fit under my desk, but strong enough to provide some warmth on the coldest days. It worked perfectly! It works flawlessly. It generates a lot heat, which I found amazing. It’s very stylish and quiet. It’s a wonderful product, and I would highly recommend it.

“This heater is like no other space heater I’ve ever seen. Although I was skeptical that the heater could heat a room efficiently, I was surprised at its results. The heater was installed in our 3-season sunroom to heat it for a holiday party. The heater was discreet and efficient, keeping the room warm and comfortable all winter.

It was very quiet and almost silent. It was small and didn’t take up much space. However, it was quiet and efficient. Its modern design was praised by many guests.

This heater is a great choice for heating your home when you are in need. Darryl Williams: I’m excited to see how it performs long-term, and will continue using it often.” Manchester. New Hampshire.

“I am very happy with my purchase!” It was a mistake. My wife, unaware of the heater’s existence, returned from work to comment on the warmth in the living room.

After I showed it to her, she was amazed at how small a heater could be so powerful. It’s safe. The heater shuts off if it gets knocked over. This heater is ideal for me, as I have four young children. “I highly recommend this heater and plan to purchase more for our bedrooms.” Joshua Harper Lewiston Maine.

This heater is amazing and I highly recommend it. The heater heats any room in minutes. It is small and quiet. It is small enough to carry in your car.” – Michael S. Chicago IL

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Where to Buy Orbis Heater?

We are glad that you chose to purchase this product. Congratulations! Congratulations! You can purchase the Orbis Heater from the company’s site. You can also click here to quickly get to the website. The company offers several packages, which you can choose depending on your needs.

We recommend purchasing a single pack if you’re still not sure about the device. Larger packs can be purchased at better prices. This is a great way to give your family and friends winter gifts they will cherish forever.

Orbis Heater claims that they offer a 60% discount on your first order, and a 30-day return policy. This offer is valid until further notice. Grab your chance to place an order quickly!

Prices of the Orbis Heater

According to the company’s website there are only four steps to purchase an Orbis Heater. Select your preferred package first. There are currently four options:

  • Pack #1: Save 50% on your original purchase of the Single Pack This pack includes one Orbis Heater for $69.95
  • Pack #2 Get more utility with the Studio Pack at a 55% Discount The Studio Pack includes two Orbis Heaters for $47.45 each. This totals $125.91
  • Pack #3, The Expensive Pack, is the third package. This pack contains four Orbis Heaters, each at $42.46 and totaling $167.83
  • Pack #4 This is the last one on their wish list. This is the Deluxe Family Pack. It comes with five Orbis Heaters and a 70% discount. The total cost of the Deluxe Family Pack is $224.80.

Next, select your preferred payment method for your Orbis Heater purchase. There are two payment options. There are two payment options available. PayPal is the best, but you also have the option to pay with your credit cards.

The third step will require you to enter your shipping information. Please enter your full name, email address and address.

With just one click, you can order your product. You can then relax and wait for your product to arrive by mail.

Return Policy

The company will return your Orbis heater if you aren’t satisfied within 90 days.

For further questions or complaints about the product or your order, you can contact the customer service team by dialling +1 (866) 895-6759 or e-mailing support@getalphaheater.com.

This is an exceptional return policy. You may want to verify its viability before you purchase.

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What is the Orbis Heater’s energy efficiency?

Is Orbis Heater safe for use?

  • Safety filters and a timer are included with the Orbis heater. If the internal temperature is higher than 122F, the device will automatically lower the temperature to 104F. If the temperature reaches 122F three consecutively, the device will automatically shut down.

Will Orbis Heater raise my utility bill?

  • Orbis Heater has no energy-efficient rating. How often you use the heater will affect how much your utility bills go up. The heater consumes about the same amount of energy at 1200W as regular hair dryers when it is on its highest setting. The heater would cost 10 cents an hour at the average electricity company. It would cost approximately 12 cents per hour to run.

Is Orbis Heater safe for my children and pets?

  • Orbis Heater is safe for children and pets as long as it’s used with care. It is safe. You can use heaters around pets and children. It is important to not leave heaters unattended. Heaters are intended to heat the air, so they may feel hot.

How long does shipping usually take?

  • Orbis Heater Company guarantees that all orders will be shipped UPS within 24 hours after order confirmation. Standard delivery can take between 5-7 business days. Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed with your tracking number.


These were the main points that this review highlighted. Orbis Heater is an innovative product. Orbis Heater, a small heater for winter, provides warmth. It is more cost-effective than other heating systems because it uses less energy.

Online information supports the belief that Orbis Heater is reliable and not a waste of money. It’s best suited to rooms with standard sizes and innovative heating technology. It’s more affordable than most heaters and safer.

Orbis Heater is highly in demand, especially in the UK. Stock is rapidly running out. Customers who are worried about losing their money can request a full refund. The heater is not always available.

Only online orders through the official website can be made to order Orbis heater. All new customers should be aware of this information to avoid buying from unlicensed sellers. To confirm your order, you can visit the official site.

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